what is your guys' favourite season of AHS? :)

i don’t know about the rest but i (tijana) loved asylum the most :)

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"Basically Sarah [Paulson] has two different heads. So when she’s playing Dot she has on a fake head so she can look at that fake head. And we lock out the frame and we’re measuring everything and there’s CGI and then we take off the head. Then she changes her headband and then she plays Bette the other sister. Then with computer graphics we put both performances on one body. She’s playing two different people. But it takes quadruple the time just to do a scene with an ordinary two actors in a room. It’s a lot of work. But it looks so great. I’m so proud of it."
- Ryan Murphy

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"I don’t like Sarah Paulson."


"I LOVE Sarah Paulson!”



"Angela likes to flash them…She’s like, ‘Look at my 3 boobs!’"
- Sarah Paulson on Angela Bassett
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aww thank you so much this is so nice thank you!!! :)

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